"UTOPIA" Takes inspiration from the Utopian existence of the mind. A mind emancipated through meditation. It embodies a unified design force brought about by simplistic values. At the heart if each design lies a circle- A simple shape which evolves into organic silhouettes cohesive to the natural movement and fluidity of a body in motion. The exotic mixture of high quality natural fibres like silks and jacquard in an unadulterated all pearl white colour palette adds on to the experience of wearing P.E.L.L.A Each motif has been created and hand painted to signify the opening of the chakras during meditation to reach a blank state of mind. The label's garments are all hand crafted and made in India with utmost attention to tailoring and finishing techniques.

Note: The patterns in this collection have been developed from basic shapes and forms and requires a minimum of measurement and sewing, while also incorporating zero waste techniques while making a CELLA. CELLA are the designs which have been developed from a single block of fabric without creating waste. The finishing is painstakingly hand-rolled and blind-hemmed to achieve a boundaryless design.

Photographer | Praveen Munniyappa ; Style | Sid Do ; MUA | Kashish Gupta ; Faces of Pella | Lakpa Yanki & Fifi Agustine ; Production | Studio C9