"THE UNREACHED" is a transient and dispersed existence which resonates with the core of nature, society, and culture to create a sanctuary of sustainable living and growth. A life which is self-sustaining - that which is in harmony with nature. It takes inspiration from simplest of lines and the slightest of shapes in basic forms which when looked closely upon have their own story to tell. It is the immense possibility explored in, around or out of this given line which may be left unnoticed otherwise. Untouched and unaffected by modernism, it is when designs flow in their own language, following the principles of a wabi-sabi way of life. The story weaves together in hues of creams, steel grays and blues to encapsulate the essence of luxurious handwoven and handcrafted textiles ranging from Eri/Ahimsa, Tassar and Muga silks to incorporating needle work techniques with pashmina wool and hand painting. All textiles in the collection have been sourced from government Weavers Service Center clusters in India and are Handmade in India.

Note: The patterns in this collection have been developed from basic shapes and forms and requires a minimum of measurement and sewing, while also incorporating zero waste techniques while making a CELLA. CELLA are the designs which have been developed from a single block of fabric without creating waste. The finishing is painstakingly hand-rolled and blind-hemmed to achieve a boundaryless design.

Photography | Raju Raman